Risk Management & Compliance Services That Evolve as Your Sports Association Does

Player’s Health Cover offers risk management solutions designed to manage the health and safety of athletes and minimize an athletic organization’s liability exposure.
We offer the world’s first and only end-to-end sports risk management platform.

With our services, risk management data flows automatically from local, to state, to national body. This means your claim won’t stall out at the administration level. Athlete, guardian, club, league, state, and national body exist within the same compliance system, allowing for execution of top down mandates and visibility.

We use evidence-based guidelines for health and safety to ensure today’s sports organizations meet professional recommendations.


Use our free software on your phone, tablet or desktop to document and manage injuries and send real-time updates to everyone who needs to know.
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Tourney Care
We paired our sports risk management platform with Go4Ellis’ on-demand athletic trainer platform to help keep athletes safe at your tournaments and special events.
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Comprehensive background check services tailored to your specific needs.
PH Clear PH Clear
Free abuse and misconduct reporting software that is private, anonymous and easy to use for coaches, administrators and athletes of all ages.
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Get your organization’s health and safety score, and learn how improve it with an assessment jointly developed with UConn, UNC, and the Korey Stringer Institute.
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Use the PH Cover digital insurance marketplace to get insurance for your sports organization in less than 10 minutes, or get in touch with one of our insurance agents to discuss your complex needs.
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Getting covered is easy. Knowing you’re covered is awesome.

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