Partner with PH Cover

Our tools journey with your brand alongside the best insurance shopping experience and create a significant new revenue channel.

Player’s Health partners with insurance brokers to provide a seamless buying experience and a unique view of your sales pipeline, client information, and claims. Give your clients the ultimate buying and customer service experience by using the Player’s Health Cover platform and transact organizations quickly and easily. If you are interested, find the partner signup button or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Sales management

Attractive payouts from Player's Health Cover, and our broker tools mean you spend less time managing your revenue streams.

Account management

  • Send and manage invoices
  • Send policy documentation to insured
  • All in one place, 100% electronic, and in real time

Marketing automation

Avoid long design and development cycles with our broker distribution platform.

Easy Payments

Player’s Health Cover is one of the leading independent insurance agencies in the nation. We work with top insurance carriers to provide the most up-to-date rates for the best shopping experience.

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